Oba Reengy – Altar (Hosanna)


“Altar (Hosanna)” by Oba Reengy stands as a significant and remarkable addition to the diverse landscape of Christian and Gospel music. Oba Reengy, a renowned and anointed artist in this genre, brings a wealth of talent and spiritual depth to his musical expressions, aiming to be a blessing to many through messages of faith, worship, and spiritual inspiration.

Oba Reengy’s reputation as a gifted Christian/Gospel singer and recording artist precedes him. His musical journey is characterized by a commitment to conveying messages that uplift and inspire, reflecting a deep sense of purpose in his artistry.

Oba Reengy’s mission, as conveyed through his music, revolves around being a source of blessing to his audience. “Altar (Hosanna)” is likely to align with this mission, delivering a message that goes beyond mere entertainment to offer spiritual encouragement, worship, and inspiration.

The song is noted for its distinctive musical style, indicating that Oba Reengy incorporates various elements to create a unique sonic experience. This could involve a fusion of different genres, rhythms, or cultural influences that contribute to the song’s distinctiveness.


Oba Reengy’s musical arrangements are expected to be well-crafted and thoughtfully executed. The choice of instrumentation and the overall arrangement contribute to the overall impact of the song, enhancing its emotional resonance and listener engagement.


Oba Reengy – Altar (Hosanna) Lyrics

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