Praise The Lord by Epianoh


With roots firmly planted in the rich soil of gospel traditions, Epianoh brings a contemporary flair to his compositions, creating a sound that is both timeless and modern. His journey in the music industry is marked by a commitment to delivering messages of hope, love, and devotion through the universal language of music.

At the heart of Epianoh’s recent musical contributions is the uplifting track “Praise The Lord.” Released as a testament to the artist’s devotion, the song is a harmonious journey of worship that invites listeners into a sacred space of gratitude and adoration. The emotive delivery of Epianoh’s vocals, coupled with the stirring melody, creates an atmosphere of reverence that transcends the ordinary.

“Praise The Lord” is not merely a song but a spiritual experience. Epianoh’s ability to weave profound messages into accessible, melodious tunes is a testament to his artistry and the depth of his faith. The track serves as a reminder of the transformative power of praise and the universal call to acknowledge the divine in our lives.



Epianoh – Praise The Lord Lyrics

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