Preye Odede – Yaweh This is You


Preye Odede’s latest release, “Yahweh This is You,” stands as a compelling and emotive expression of worship and adoration directed towards God. Unveiled in 2017, this gospel album serves as a profound testament to Odede’s unwavering devotion and reverence for the Almighty.

Through soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, each track within the album resonates as a beacon of hope and faith, offering listeners a transformative journey into the presence of God.

“Yahweh This is You” encapsulates Preye Odede’s deep-seated desire to magnify and exalt the name of God through music. Each song within the album serves as a heartfelt offering of praise and thanksgiving, drawing inspiration from personal encounters with the divine. Through powerful vocals and poignant instrumentation, Odede creates a worshipful atmosphere that invites listeners to join in the celebration of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Released to a global audience, “Yahweh This is You” transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences, touching the hearts of believers across diverse backgrounds. The album’s timeless message of worship and adoration resonates with listeners, serving as a source of encouragement and spiritual nourishment in times of joy, sorrow, and uncertainty. Whether in moments of jubilation or moments of despair, Odede’s music serves as a constant reminder of God’s enduring love and faithfulness.



Preye Odede – Yaweh This is You Lyrics

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