Rotimikeys – Ore Ofe Sha


In the enchanting composition “Ore Ofe Sha” by the gifted Rotimikeys, listeners are ushered into a celestial realm where the melody becomes a conduit for expressing gratitude and acknowledging the bountiful favor of the divine. This soulful creation is more than a song; it’s a harmonious tapestry woven with threads of thanksgiving and reverence.

The chorus returns, not as a mere repetition, but as a triumphant reprise. It becomes a collective affirmation of faith, echoing the sentiment that divine grace is not only sufficient but abundant, overflowing, and unending.

As the final notes gently fade away, “Ore Ofe Sha” leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of its listeners. Beyond being a melodic masterpiece, it stands as a timeless reminder that in the realm of divine favor, there is always more than enough to sustain, uplift, and bless.

“Ore Ofe Sha” is an invitation to bask in the overflow of divine favor. As you listen, let the music be a vessel for expressing gratitude for the grace that suffices in every season. May this song resonate as a harmonious anthem, inspiring a deeper connection with the divine and fostering an enduring faith in the abundance of divine favor.



Rotimikeys – Ore Ofe Sha Lyrics

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