Sola Allyson – Ma Mi’Kan 1


In the enchanting realm of Nigerian gospel music, Sola Allyson emerges as a luminary, celebrated for her captivating vocals, profound spirituality, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity.

The latest chapter in her illustrious career unfolds with the release of “Ma Mi’Kan 1,” a musical masterpiece that adds a new dimension to her discography. This blog post delves into the life and musical contributions of Sola Allyson, placing a spotlight on the transformative journey showcased in “Ma Mi’Kan 1.”

Born on September 24, 1970, in Lagos State, Nigeria, Shola Allyson-Obaniyi, known affectionately as Sola Allyson, discovered her musical calling early in life. Raised in a Christian household, her journey into gospel music beautifully intertwines her rich Yoruba heritage with a deep spiritual connection.

Sola Allyson’s voice, marked by authenticity and emotional resonance, has become a beacon in the gospel music scene. With a career spanning decades, she symbolizes genuine worship and has left an indelible mark with classics like “Eji Owuro” and “Igba Iranwo,” showcasing her commitment to creating music that transcends cultural boundaries.



Sola Allyson – Ma Mi’Kan 1 Lyrics

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