Tasha Layton – Diddly Squat (Live)


Title: Download Tasha Layton – Diddly Squat (Live) [Mp3+Lyrics]

“Diddly Squat (Live)” is a lively and cheerful Christmas song by Tasha Layton. The song is a reminder that Christmas is not about material gifts, but about the love and joy of the season. The song’s lyrics are full of humor and hope, and the music is upbeat and festive. Layton’s vocals are powerful and soulful, and she delivers the song with a contagious sense of joy.

The song was released on the live album “This Is Christmas (Live from the Fisher Center)” in 2023. The song has been praised for its catchy melody and its positive message.


“Diddly Squat (Live)” is a great song to get you into the Christmas spirit. It is a reminder that the true meaning of Christmas is love, joy, and giving.

Tasha Layton is an American Christian singer and songwriter. She is best known for her hit single “Heaven in the Middle of Me”. She is a popular performer at Christian music festivals and events.

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Diddly Squat (Live) Lyrics By Tasha Layton

Oh, I just got a message from ‘ol Saint Nick way up in Christmasland
And he says that the toys for good girls and boys are being made as planned
There’s a truck for little Billy and a dolly for Molly dear
But you ain’t gettin’ diddly squat ’cause you really messed up this year

Oh, the winter fields are white with snow and the lights are shining bright
And wee little heads tucked up in bed dream of sugar plums this night
You might dream of big red apples and those candy canes so near
But you ain’t gettin’ diddly squat ’cause you really messed up this year

Fa-la-la-la, you’re in trouble!

When your mother asked you to wash the dishes
Well, you said, “No no no!”
And you would not pick up your socks
So you might find a stocking full of coal

Oh, you know that Santa’s watching you and he keeps a great big list
And when I tell him the things you do, he really will be mad
He’ll sit you on his knee and then he’ll whisper in your ear
And you ain’t gettin’ diddly squat ’cause you really messed up
Oh, you really messed up
Oh, you really, you really messed up this year!…

You ain’t gettin’ diddly squat

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