The Anthem by GoodNews City Band


“The Anthem” by GoodNews City Band emerges as a triumphant declaration of faith and victory, igniting hearts with its powerful message and uplifting melodies. This dynamic anthem resonates with believers worldwide, inspiring them to rise above adversity and embrace their identity as conquerors.

In “The Anthem,” GoodNews City Band sets the stage for an electrifying celebration of God’s sovereignty and majesty. From the opening notes to the soaring crescendos, the song pulses with an infectious energy that captivates listeners and draws them into a spirit of praise and worship.

At its core, “The Anthem” is a declaration of victory over every obstacle and challenge. With bold lyrics and resounding choruses, GoodNews City Band proclaims the triumph of faith and the overwhelming power of God’s love to conquer all fear and doubt.

As the music swells, listeners are invited to join in the chorus of voices declaring God’s greatness and glory. “The Anthem” becomes a rallying cry for believers everywhere, uniting them in a shared experience of worship and adoration.


With each verse, GoodNews City Band leads listeners on a journey of spiritual empowerment and renewal, reminding them of their identity as children of the Most High. Through stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song encourages believers to stand firm in their faith and trust in God’s unfailing promise of victory.


The Anthem by GoodNews City Band Lyrics

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