In the transformative discourse titled “The Power of His Resurrection,” delivered by the esteemed Apostle Joshua Selman during the Mercy Conference of 2024, attendees were immersed in a profound exploration of the spiritual significance of Christ’s resurrection.

Apostle Selman, known for his insightful teachings, delved deep into the theological and practical implications of the resurrection, unraveling its immense power and relevance for believers in the contemporary world.

During the Mercy Conference, Apostle Joshua Selman expounded on the multifaceted impact of the resurrection, emphasizing how it serves as the cornerstone of Christian faith. The intricate layers of his teachings unveiled the resurrection not only as a historical event but as an ongoing source of divine empowerment for believers. Apostle Selman’s eloquent articulation and scriptural insights brought to light the resurrection’s transformative power, shedding new light on its potential to bring about spiritual rebirth and renewal in the lives of those who embrace its truth.

The conference became a spiritual journey guided by Apostle Selman’s teachings, where attendees were encouraged to grasp the resurrection not just as a doctrinal tenet but as a living force capable of shaping their daily lives. Through his dynamic delivery and compelling narrative, Apostle Selman instilled a sense of awe and reverence for the resurrection, invoking a renewed passion for a vibrant and transformative Christian walk.



Apostle Joshua Selman’s discourse on “The Power of His Resurrection” during the Mercy Conference of 2024 stood as a testament to his ability to unravel complex theological concepts with clarity and relevance. Attendees were not only informed but spiritually invigorated, as they left the conference equipped with a deeper understanding of the resurrection’s power to bring about radical change and spiritual vitality in their individual journeys of faith.

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