Tope Alabi – Ope Ye Jesu


The chorus returns, not as a mere repetition, but as a triumphant reprise. It becomes a collective anthem of thanks, echoing the sentiment that in every season, the heart can find a reason to declare, “Ope Ye Jesu.”

As the final notes gently fade away, “Ope Ye Jesu” leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of its listeners. Beyond being a melodic masterpiece, it stands as a timeless reminder that thanksgiving is a melody that resonates in the depths of a grateful heart.

“Ope Ye Jesu” is an invitation to join in the chorus of gratitude. As you listen, let the music be a conduit for expressing thanks and praise to Jesus. May this song resonate as a melodious anthem, inspiring a deeper connection with the Savior and fostering a spirit of perpetual thanksgiving.

“Ope Ye Jesu” emerges as a resounding chorus, with the music creating an atmosphere saturated with thanksgiving. The harmonies and instrumentation work harmoniously, inviting listeners to join in the anthem of praise and thanks to the Savior.


As the verses progress, Tope Alabi delves deeper into the themes of redemption and grace, emphasizing the transformative power found in a heart surrendered in thanksgiving. The lyrics become a poetic expression of the overwhelming joy that emanates from acknowledging the goodness of Jesus.


Tope Alabi – Ope Ye Jesu Lyrics

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