Travis Greene – Broken Record [Full Album]


Travis Greene’s 2019 album, “Broken Record,” offers a musical journey through ten tracks that delve into the core of Christian spirituality. With a total duration of 56 minutes, this album presents a blend of soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics, creating a worshipful atmosphere for listeners.

While specific song titles and track numbers for “Broken Record” are not provided, it’s safe to assume that Travis Greene’s music in this album continues to echo his signature style of heartfelt gospel worship. His songs often touch upon themes of redemption, faith, and God’s unwavering love, providing solace and inspiration to those who seek a deeper connection with their spirituality.


Released in 2019, “Broken Record” likely became a source of comfort and spiritual reflection for many, offering a collection of songs that encourage listeners to draw closer to their faith and to the divine. Whether through stirring ballads or uplifting anthems, Travis Greene’s music has consistently served as a medium for connecting with God and expressing the profound emotions that accompany one’s spiritual journey.

List of Tracks in “Broken Record” Album By Travis Greene

  1. The Breaker
  2.  Great Jehovah
  3.  Good & Loved (feat. Steffany Gretzinger)
  4.  Steffany’s Prayer
  5.  Respond (feat. D’Nar Young, Taylor Poole, Trinity Anderson)
  6.  All Things New
  7.  No One Else
  8.  Won’t Let Go
  9.  Perform
  10.  Loved By You
  11.  Broken Vessels
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