Travis Greene – Everything Is Easy


Travis Greene’s “Stretching Out” album features the mesmerizing track “Everything Is Easy” as its tenth song, with a duration of 8 minutes and 45 seconds. In the realm of Christian music, this composition likely serves as a profound expression of surrender and devotion. With Travis Greene’s emotive vocals and spiritually charged lyrics, “Everything Is Easy/I Will Worship” is likely a moving worship experience for listeners.

As a pivotal part of this album, “Everything Is Easy” contributes to Travis Greene’s Christian message. It’s an opportunity for listeners to connect deeply with the themes of trust, faith, and wholehearted worship, which are central to the Christian faith. Travis’s ability to convey these sentiments through his music showcases his remarkable talent for creating transformative and inspirational songs.


“Everything Is Easy” likely takes listeners on a spiritual journey, evoking a sense of awe and reverence. It serves as a reminder that in the presence of God, everything becomes easy, and the ultimate act of worship is surrendering to His divine will. As part of “Stretching Out,” this track adds a profound and worshipful dimension to the album’s overarching message of spiritual growth and devotion.




Everything Is EasyI Will Worship Lyrics By Travis Greene

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