Travis Greene – Expect Impossible Feat. Forward City [Full Album]


Travis Greene collaborates with Forward City once again, this time in the album “Expect Impossible,” released in 2023. This Christian gospel collection comprises 11 tracks with a total duration of 1 hour and 55 minutes. Travis Greene’s music has consistently carried a message of unwavering faith and the belief in the limitless possibilities that faith can bring, and “Expect Impossible” continues in this inspiring tradition.

“Expect Impossible” is a testament to Travis Greene’s dedication to uplifting and encouraging his listeners through his music. The album’s title alone speaks to the theme of believing in the extraordinary and embracing the miraculous in one’s faith journey. With Forward City’s collaborative contributions, this album promises to be a spiritually enriching and transformative experience, guiding listeners towards a deeper connection with their faith and the divine.


Released in 2023, “Expect Impossible” arrives as a beacon of hope and a reminder that with faith, the impossible can become possible. Travis Greene and Forward City’s musical partnership continues to inspire and uplift, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of belief, expectation, and spiritual awakening through the power of Christian gospel music.

List of Tracks in “Expect Impossible” Album By Travis Greene

  1. Expect Impossible (NYE Live) [feat. Tony Fresh]
  2. Watch Him Turn It (NYE Live) [feat. Shomoneik]
  3. God Alone (NYE Live)
  4. I Remember (NYE Live) [feat. Titus Tucker]
  5. Tent Revival (NYE Live) [D’Nar & Chaquanna Iman] [feat. D’Nar & Chaquanna Iman]
  6. Stay Here (NYE Live) [feat. Tony Fresh]
  7. Holy Only (NYE Live) [feat. D’Nar & Chaquanna Iman]
  8. Near (NYE Live) [feat. Titus Tucker & Kenya Moore]
  9. Impossible (NYE Live) [feat. Chaquanna Iman & Jayci Lyn]
  10. Found (NYE Live) [feat. Tony Fresh]
  11. Praise Break (NYE Live)
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