Travis Greene – Heaven Is Loud


Travis Greene’s “Stretching Out” album features the captivating track “Heaven Is Loud” as its ninth song, with a duration of 4 minutes and 43 seconds. In the realm of Christian music, this song likely serves as a powerful expression of the joy and exuberance found in heavenly worship. With Travis Greene’s dynamic vocals and heartfelt lyrics, “Heaven Is Loud” likely takes listeners on a spiritual journey, invoking a sense of awe and reverence.

As part of this album, “Heaven Is Loud” contributes to the tapestry of Travis Greene’s Christian message. It’s an opportunity for listeners to connect with the idea that heaven resounds with praise and worship, a theme that resonates deeply in the Christian faith. Travis’s ability to convey these sentiments through music showcases his talent for creating meaningful and inspirational songs.


“Heaven Is Loud” likely reminds listeners of the transcendent and eternal nature of worship, reinforcing the idea that faith can be expressed through music. As a part of “Stretching Out,” this track likely adds a unique dimension to the album’s overarching message of spiritual growth and devotion.




Heaven Is Loud Lyrics By Travis Greene

Can you hear the sound of Heaven?
If you listen, then you’ll recognize
It’s not quiet. I get excited.

When I shout out loud, you should try it.

The same God Who created the harp, created the lead guitar
And has anointed us to play until the strings fall off
God created vocal tones and made for us microphones
So we will sing to Him a new song
Heaven is loud, angels cry out
As they bow down, and worship Him now
There is a sound above the clouds
Glory rain down, ’cause Heaven is loud

There’s a trumpet, ready to blow out
Christ is coming, let the people shout
Voice of triumph, we’re on one accord
House of Zion, prepare ye the way of the Lord

Bridge/Follow me
Through the gates of jewels down the streets of gold
There’s a sound that I hear in the depths of my soul
So I’m walkin’, got no time for talkin’
(It gets louder as I go)
I see Moses and Jonah and David and Joseph and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and
Hold it; could it be… yeah, it’s the woman from the well
I see Paul and Silas, and the guy from the jail
And they’re all at the throne screaming holy

You are holy, God you’re holy

Angels cry out, as they bow down, worship Him now
Glory rain down
Power rain down
Breakthrough rain down
Heaven is loud

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