Travis Greene – Praise Break Feat. Forward City


In the eleventh and final track of Travis Greene’s spiritually charged album “Expect Impossible,” we encounter the invigorating and celebratory song “Praise Break.” This dynamic track features the collective talents of Travis Greene and Forward City and bursts forth with an electrifying duration of 3 minutes and 4 seconds.

“Praise Break” is a joyful anthem that invites listeners to let go of inhibitions and offer exuberant praise to the Lord. Travis Greene, alongside Forward City, creates an atmosphere of jubilation and spiritual release through the song’s energetic rhythm and spirited vocals. It serves as a fitting conclusion to the album, encouraging listeners to culminate their journey with an outpouring of praise and thanksgiving.


As the closing track of “Expect Impossible,” “Praise Break” leaves a lasting impression of the power of praise and worship in the Christian faith. It reminds listeners that even in the face of challenges, a praise break can serve as a powerful reminder of God’s faithfulness and the limitless possibilities of faith. Travis Greene’s collaboration with Forward City in this song embodies the essence of Christian gospel music—a source of joy, celebration, and an expression of unwavering faith in the divine.




Praise Break Lyrics By Travis Greene

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