Travis Greene – Praise Is Waiting


Travis Greene’s “Stretching Out” album presents the inspiring track “Praise Is Waiting” as its eleventh entry, offering a glimpse into the Christian genre’s spiritual depth. With a duration of 3 minutes and 36 seconds, this song is likely a powerful call to worship and praise. Travis Greene’s distinctive vocal style and heartfelt lyrics are known for resonating deeply with Christian audiences, making “Praise Is Waiting” a significant addition to this album.

As a part of “Stretching Out,” “Praise Is Waiting” likely reinforces the album’s overall message of faith, surrender, and devotion. This track is a testament to the Christian belief in the transformative power of praise and the readiness of the heart to worship the Creator. Travis Greene’s ability to capture the essence of Christian worship through his music shines through in “Praise Is Waiting,” inviting listeners to join in the uplifting experience of praise.


“Praise Is Waiting” likely serves as a reminder of the constant presence of God and the opportunity for believers to offer praise and adoration in all circumstances. It’s a musical expression of the belief that praise is not contingent on circumstances but is an enduring and essential part of the Christian journey. In the context of “Stretching Out,” this track is likely a spiritual anchor, encouraging listeners to find solace and strength in their faith.




Praise Is Waiting Lyrics By Travis Greene

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