Travis Greene –  Steffany’s Prayer


“Steffany’s Prayer” is the fourth track on Travis Greene’s “Broken Record” album, released in 2019 with a concise duration of 2 minutes and 29 seconds. While the brevity of the song suggests it might serve as an interlude or a moment of reflection, Travis Greene’s ability to convey profound messages in succinct compositions is a hallmark of his artistry.

Given the title, “Steffany’s Prayer” could be a heartfelt and intimate moment of prayer and reflection, possibly featuring Steffany Gretzinger or inspired by her spiritual journey. In Travis Greene’s discography, such interludes often provide a moment of connection and meditation for listeners, allowing them to pause and immerse themselves in a profound spiritual experience.


Within the context of “Broken Record,” this track likely contributes to the album’s overall narrative of faith, renewal, and worship. Whether it’s through music, prayer, or reflection, Travis Greene’s work continues to inspire and uplift audiences in their spiritual journeys.




Steffany’s Prayer Lyrics By Travis Greene

Thank you for your friendship Jesus
Thank you for communion
Thank you that everything is connected
That you are turning every story into glory
That there is no life without death
But there is no death without a life
We receive your death and your resurrection
We want to die to be alive in you
Alive in you, alive in love
I ask for everyone one in this room to find communion
To find the friendship
To find the friendship not so settle for the outer courts
But to find the friendship
You long to be close to your children, to your people
You longed to be near to us
It’s what you paid for
And we pray that you get everything that you paid for in us
Everything you paid for
We were bought with a price
Bought at the highest price
I thank you Jesus
Thank you

Thank you for communion
Thank you for the union
A God who came to man
Who walked the road that we were living in
You took our place
You took our place
To raise us up again
We thank you, we thank you
We thank you, we thank you

The power is not in your pushit’s in your position
It is in your position before the Lord
In your yielding to his spirit
We yield to you Jesus we yield to you Jesus
We yield to your spirit

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