Travis Greene – Stretch


Travis Greene’s song “Stretch,” the opening track of his album “Stretching Out” released in 2010, sets the tone for an inspirational and spiritually uplifting musical journey. With a duration of 6 minutes and 54 seconds, this song encapsulates Greene’s early talent in the Christian genre.

As the first track on the album, “Stretch” likely serves as an introduction to Greene’s musical prowess and his deep commitment to sharing messages of faith and devotion. The song’s title suggests a theme of spiritual growth and reaching beyond one’s limits, a recurring motif in Christian music.


“Stretching Out” is not just an album title but also a metaphor for Travis Greene’s early career, where he stretched his musical abilities to touch the hearts of believers around the world. “Stretch,” as the lead track, symbolizes this journey of expansion and spiritual connection that Greene would continue to embark upon throughout his career.




Stretch Lyrics By Travis Greene

I’m stretching out
From where I am to where He’s taking me

On faith I clap, believing that strongholds are broken
When I praise
On faith I dance, receiving a new heart for You
My hands are raised
There is a reason why I spin
There is a purpose why I shout
Lord as I worship take me in
And pour Your Spirit out

I stretch my praise, reaching out for You
My hands are raised, worshipping the Truth
And Living God You are
The Living God You are
I stretch for You

Reaching out for You
Reaching out for Heaven
God You are the First, The Last, The Living God

Reaching out for Truth
Reaching out in Worship
God You are the First, The Last, The Living God

You are Holy, Holy, Holy
You are Righteous, Righteous, Righteous
You are Perfect, Lord You’re Perfect
You are Faithful, Faithful, Faithful
You are Worthy, Worthy, Worthy

I’m stretching out
From where I am, to where He’s taking me

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