Ultimate Call – Champion & Great Are You Lord


Ultimate Call delivers a powerful musical experience with the dynamic pairing of “Champion” and “Great Are You Lord.” In this medley, the group not only showcases their musical prowess but also explores themes that resonate with deep spiritual significance.

“Champion” and “Great Are You Lord” are likely woven together to create a seamless narrative of praise and adoration. “Champion” suggests a triumphant declaration, possibly celebrating the victorious nature of God, while “Great Are You Lord” emphasizes the greatness and majesty of the divine. The combination of these songs creates a worshipful atmosphere that encompasses both reverence and exultation.


The composition is likely characterized by a harmonious blend of uplifting melodies, soulful harmonies, and powerful lyrics. Ultimate Call’s musical style may incorporate elements rooted in gospel traditions, infusing the medley with a mix of contemporary and traditional influences that amplify the emotional and spiritual impact.

Accompanying the medley, there may be an official music video or visual elements that enhance the overall narrative. Through creative storytelling and artistic expression, Ultimate Call could visually amplify the themes of victory, greatness, and worship portrayed in the medley.



Ultimate Call – Champion & Great Are You Lord Lyrics

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