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According to Speed Darlington Igbo women are not suitable for marriage

Darlington Okoye, better known by his stage name Speed Darlington, is a controversial rapper who recently stated that proficiency in the Igbo language was an absolute necessity for any future wives he could have. However, he has now reversed his stance on this matter.

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Darlington said in a video message posted to his social media profile that Igbo women “are not great for marriage.” He went on to warn prospective bachelors against marrying Igbo women.

In his view, Igbo women are “proud and promiscuous.”

This is a message for my brothers who are getting married,” Darlington declared. You are not more vulnerable than I am, so pay attention. Traveling is a regular part of my profession. As a result, I feel confident in offering this guidance.

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Stay away from Igbo girls; they aren’t very good spouse material. Here I am, an Igbo guy, regaling you with tales about our ladies. Igbo girls are unbelievably selfish and unappreciative. Stay away from them. Just like every other Black American lady, they act as if nothing you give her is sufficient.

“In contrast to Yoruba and Hausa ladies, Igbo women are extremely proud. This woman is so ostentatious; I don’t see how anyone can put up with her. As far as Nigerian prostitutes are concerned, they rank first. “Igbo women make up the majority of social media feminists.”

People were angry with him because, according to their theories, he was generalizing his experience and taking it out on Igbo women.

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