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I have a plethora of boys who serve me therefore I’m not looking. Korra Obidi a dancer

Highly divisive While she is no longer married to Justin Dean, Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi has stated that she is not in the market for a new lover.

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Making money is her primary concern, she stated.

In a recent appearance on the podcast ‘Heroe’s Diary,’ the mother of two discussed her lack of interest in remarrying, stating that she has “many boys” to fulfill her sexual desires.

Marriage, she declared, “becomes my life,” a profound statement for a Nigerian woman. Now I’m focusing on earning money to avoid the same fate as before. Concentrate on the cash; no one is riding in on a white horse to rescue me. that is correct.

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Noting that it has been more than two years since her divorce, Obidi also scowled at the behavior of some who are trying to link her to her failed marriage.

“Allow me to deliver a message of public service. Nigeria is the site of many weddings, not just mine. Actually, no one even knew about my marriage. A single Instagram post reading “Korra is taken” was all that was visible to you.

Now you’re using the marriage as a weapon to restrain me. My divorce was two years ago; now please, just give me some space. Like a dollar bill, I am unattached. My hunt has come to a halt. I am pampered by a multitude of boys.

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