Landmark – Umahi: The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road’s Shoreline Has Never Been Theirs

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Landmark has never owned the seashore. It was illegally sublet by the owner, Onwuanibe, the ministry stated.

Paul Onwuanibe, CEO of Landmark Africa Group, never owned the coastline impacted by the Lagos-Calabar coastal route, according to Minister of Works Dave Umahi.

On Wednesday in Lagos, Mr. Umahi reportedly addressed the second gathering of stakeholders impacted by the Lagos-Calabar coastal route, as reported by Divinejams

The proposed infrastructure will connect Calabar, a port city close to the Cameroonian border, with the historic capital city.

Seated on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline in the wealthy Victoria Island neighborhood of Lagos is a landmark.

There were also some staff of Landmark Beach Resort who were against covering the beach with sand.

“The shoreline was never Landmark’s property; Mr. Onwuanibe illegally sublet it to others,” the minister of works stated, reassuring Mr. Onwuanibe that his infrastructure was undamaged.

“There is nothing to claim,” Mr. Umahi said, adding that the Landmark owner is “playing politics with politicians.”

There must be two components to this change, according to the president. Two things that we have endeavored to accomplish are the fear of God and the fear of man.

We have been following the same itinerary daily from morning till approximately 8 or 9 p.m. since our arrival on Thursday. Difficult choices have been made. We have, on occasion, adhered to the routes that were gazetted.

In other instances, we have largely reoriented ourselves along the shoreline. And according to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the federal government owns the 250-meter coastal line from the coastline.

I will be focusing on Landmark specifically. He has not experienced any disruption to his infrastructure. The Oniru family never actually gave him the land, but I get that he subleased it to a few others. He rented to these individuals, set up a few caravans and improvised homes along the shore, and so on. Therefore, we are dealing with those individuals who are illegally subletting the seashore,” Mr. Umahi stated.

The minister sent a challenge to Landmark, demanding proof of ownership of the coastlines.

He is requested to provide his paperwork. Let him show the papers to the press; I’m challenging him and his fellow lawmakers, he said.

“Umahi scolds Obi,”

Also mentioned by Mr. Umahi was the criticism leveled at Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate for the 2023 elections.

Demolition of buildings for the project was characterized by the former governor of Anambra as “insensitive” and “heart-wrenching.”

When Peter Obi was governor and gave a speech, something similar happened. He made it clear that no infrastructure would be spared from the demolition of anything that obstructed the road development.

He actually stated that. Nevertheless, we are even footing the bill for individuals who are unlawfully residing on the coast without proper infrastructure or documentation, according to the human face of the Renewed Hope Agenda government. Mercy is that.

“You are aware that there are those who provide advice without complete understanding. opinion of others is a reflection of your own opinion of yourself. According to the minister, that is exactly what he has done.

Advantages of the seaside route

According to the minister of works, the coastline route will make travel more easier.

Going from Sokoto to Lagos will take approximately 10 hours, whereas going from the southeast to Abuja will take little more than five. This is what the coastline road has to offer.

The use of concrete for the roads, he said, will attract investors from around the world, who will help to fortify the Naira.

An “evacuation corridor for the Lagos deep seaport” will be the coastline road, he added.

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