Onuesoke of the PDP said Keyamo will not apologize for cleaning up the Nigerian aviation industry

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In an effort to clean up Nigeria’s aviation industry, Festus Keyamo, the minister of aviation and aerospace development, has received the support of Sunny Onuesoke, a prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

After receiving backlash from those with a stake in the aviation industry over his recent remark condemning the “rot” in the sector, Onuesoke publicly backed Keyamo.

The former governor of Delta State made it clear that, contrary to what the aviation sector has been demanding, the minister will not apologize for his recent comments on the industry’s problems during an interview with Channels TV.

The minister’s demarketing of Nigeria’s aviation industry has prompted calls for an apology, but Onuesoke argued that this is pointless and that Keyamo will not apologize because he is acting to protect Nigerian lives.

Festus Keyamo’s action has my full backing. Persons’ lives are not toys for you to play with. The Aviation Ministry is excessively politically charged.

Because his words and deeds are meant to rescue Nigerian lives, he will not apologize. While in the air, an aeroplane does not hold the brakes. Just as he grounded Dana Air, any incompetent jet should be grounded as well.

Using Nigerian lives as pawns in a political game is unnecessary. Because of what he did, I am standing behind Keyamo.

Onuesoke praised Keyamo’s move and asked the minister to keep up the excellent work, saying that all aviation operations must be regulated to ensure the safety of passengers.

“Keep up the excellent job. Help is on the way from Nigeria. He is well-versed in the sector and can sanitize it; Nigerians should let him do it.

I fail to see how Dana Airlines can continue to operate in Nigeria with its dismal safety records.

What are the expectations of the aviation stakeholders for his actions? Is it to hide the industry’s mess? He had witnessed a lot before he spoke up. A string of instances of corruption he witnessed in the sector gave rise to that interview.

Corruption permeates the aviation sector, as seen when the man turns right. According to the PDP chieftain, he is acting in an effort to protect Nigerian aviation travelers.

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