Tinubu addresses Senegal President Faye’s visit and offers advice on how West Africa should combat terrorism

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On Thursday, President Bola Tinubu welcomed Senegal’s President Bassirou Diomaye Faye.

During their short meeting at the Presidential Villa, Tinubu stated that the problems facing West Africa could be efficiently handled if the region’s goals and structures were aligned.

Terrorism, banditry, human trafficking, and poverty are like hydra heads; to cut them off, Tinubu says West Africans must unite together.

He emphasized the need of leaders in the region making the people the center of governance, saying that democracy loses its essence when the people are not the center of attention.

The president stressed the need of safeguarding constitutional order, democratic principles, and democratic government.

To maintain democracy, he added, essential institutions and principles like the rule of law and the judiciary must be upheld and respected.

Senegal demonstrated to the rest of Africa and the globe the power of constitutional democracy. We are delighted to have you here today, to share in the dreams and ambitions of our young people. You are absolutely at home here.

Constitutional democracies, especially those in West Africa, are seeing a landmark moment in their history.

According to President Tinubu, “what you have embarked upon is remarkable,” referring to the fight that is based on freedom.

Over the course of their lengthy history of collaboration, the president recalled how Nigeria and Senegal had been like brothers nations.

“We are brothers,” President Tinubu declared. Our interest in democracy is mutual. Working hard is essential if we want democracy to continue for the benefit of our people.

It makes me happy to see that you are a role model for tolerance, persistence, and democracy.

Our democratic commitment must center on our people, and we must work together to make it happen.

Every one of us shares your view that Africa should be considered an independent nation. But if we disobey the law and advocate for an illegitimate takeover of government, how can we serve our people and make them the center of our democracy?

“I am extending an invitation to you to work together and meet those other brothers on behalf of ECOWAS as its chairman. In order to convince them to return to the group.

“Collaboration between us will persist. Both of our families come from strong democratic roots, and we intend to keep working for more representative government.

In order to achieve our shared goals of economic growth, development, and other forms of good governance, we must be able to work together in harmony. It is now up to us to reassure our people and actually do what we say we would do.

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