Assault on Zamfara town leads to the deaths of three officials at the palace of the Emir

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Isyaku Majo and his gang of terrorists stormed the Zurmi Emir’s palace, murdering three palace officials and kidnapping other citizens, including the Emir’s chief details, Buhari Yusuf.

In Nigeria’s Zamfara State, Zurmi is the town with the second-highest population.

The assailants had set their sights on the palace of the Emir with the intention of kidnapping Emir Muhammadu Suleiman, but the town’s soldiers foiled their plot.

According to the security assessment, the terrorists started the attack on Wednesday night by damaging an MTN communication facility in Zurmi.

Their goal was to stop security reinforcements from communicating and disrupt communication.

Their main goal was to kidnap the Emir, whom they said was indifferent to the Fulani people’s alleged mistreatment at the hands of local vigilantes.

At the palace gate, three individuals were killed and three others, including the Shamaki and two civilians, were taken by a group of more than 150 motorcycling terrorists, according to eyewitnesses.

Terrorists massacred three guards at the palace gate and kidnapped three others, including the emir’s chief detail, Buhari Yusuf, as well as two other citizens, Aliyu Ahmed and Sa’idu Lawali.

The terrorists were on their way to kidnap the emir when they rode in on more than 150 motorcycles, but the town’s military drove them back.

“Right now, around two-thirds of Zurmi town’s inhabitants have escaped, and that number is growing every day since the terrorists stormed the emir’s palace on Wednesday,” an anonymous local told the reporters.

They went to Sani Maidaji’s house on Monday, the same day they were married, and used a digger to break in and abduct his wife and two boys, the source said.

In a Facebook video, Isyaku Majo took responsibility for the attacks, but Yazeed Abubakar, the spokesperson for the Zamfara Police, said he had not yet been informed about the incident.

When Majo’s older brother became the traditional leader of the Fulani people in Zurmi, he called for an end to the vigilantes’ persecution of the Fulani.

Buhari Yusuf, who was kidnapped with Shamaki, begged the Emir to end the bloodshed against the Fulani and address their problems in the video.

“I am Buhari Yusuf, the Shamaki. There are more than 600 of your servants held captive in the bush; I implore you, Emir, to rescue them.

“Please, put an end to the slaughter of Fulani civilians in Zurmi town. The Emir must immediately call a meeting of Fulani elders to hear their complaints about the ongoing violence.

” The most important detail is that he hears a voice instructing him from behind the scenes.

You may remember that Abubakar Atiku, who was Emir of Zurmi in April 2022, was overthrown by the Zamfara State Government because to his suspected ties to outlaws.

Hussaini Umar, Emir of Dansadau, was also overthrown at that time on charges of helping livestock rustlers and thwarting attempts to apprehend suspected bandits.

Current Emir Mr. Suleiman’s uncle Atiku passed away in an Egyptian hospital.

Locals claim that the present emir is not as friendly with the Fulani people as his late predecessor.

The late emir designated Mr. Majo, the terrorist’s older brother, as the de facto leader of the Zurmi Fulani community.

The latest attack in Zurmi, which is bordered by Katsina State and the Niger Republic, highlights the critical need for security measures to protect the lives and property of the citizens, who have been caught up in the upheaval.

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