The new government is planning to revamp the economy by decentralizing key sectors

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Ayo Arise, a former senator for the Ekiti North Senatorial District, has demanded the complete devolution of political authority, security forces, and the energy industry.

Decentralizing the country’s vital sectors is still the best way to revive the faltering economy, the All Progressives Congress (APC) chairman said, adding that all levels of government should embrace credit financing.

While chatting with media on the nation’s state of affairs, Arise—who served in the Senate from 2011 to 2015—made the following statement, claiming that such measures will inevitably address issues such as young unemployment, insecurity, and the high cost of petroleum products.

The ex-lawmaker warned Nigerians, “If you don’t decentralize, the problem will continue to make even the president unpopular,” implying that the country has grown too large for any central government to effectively manage.

“The states need to start making their own power. The current situation in Abia State is encouraging, and I believe it is the best course of action to end the power outage for good.

In order to solve the country’s energy problem, the APC chieftain argued that the government should now encourage more private persons to establish modular refineries.

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