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Female Lawyer Kidnapped in Sokoto by Bandits

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, a female lawyer named Barrister Rukayyat Mustafa was allegedly kidnapped from her home in the Bado district of Sokoto and taken somewhere unknown.

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Mrs. Mustafa was abducted by bandits at approximately one in the morning on Sunday, according to Barrister Fadinand Okotete, a Notary Public and Principal Partner of the law office where she works.

The bandits abducted a young man and Rukayyat from her home. They reached a parked vehicle some distance from her house after a long and arduous trip. The kidnappers threatened to shoot the young man unless he returned. “The man ran back in terror, thinking the bandits would shoot him,” Okotete explained.

He went on to inform the media that the kidnapping victim’s likely rescue had been reported to the police.

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In addition to confirming Barrister Okotete’s story, Rukayyat’s younger brother Khalid Mustafa said that the young man was too traumatized to give complete specifics of what happened.

But according to Khalid, the cops wanted to know how far along they were in the inquiry, so they asked them to come back later in the day.

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