Former AGF Slams EFCC Over Yahaya Bello’s Case

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Michael Aondoakaa, SAN, a former justice minister and attorney general of the federal government of Nigeria, has criticized the EFCC’s (the National Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) investigation of Yahaya Bello, a former governor of Kogi State.

By charging Bello with crimes that occurred before he was governor, Aondoakka said on Thursday’s Arise News Channel, the EFCC committed a basic mistake.

Aondoakka claims that Bello sought to assert his basic human rights in response to the EFCC’s accusation against him by pursuing legal action.

As far as Yahaya Bello is concerned, the whole incident wasn’t needed. Just because a few of the upcoming specifics are meaningless.

In order to protect Yahaya Bello’s basic human rights, there was an active case. This all started when the EFCC changed a charge to include him in a specific instance.

The matter is currently being heard by the Abuja federal high court under charge number 5502022.

In my opinion, the EFCC made a mistake with the accusation in that case. His appointment was based on his position as governor in 2015, which was a mistake. I wasn’t even a governor in 2015, the man claimed. In 2016, I served as a governor.

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