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Instead of serving as government leaders 70-year-olds should serve as advisors according to ex-Minister Essien

Chief Nduese Essien, a political leader in the Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District and a former minister of land and housing, has said that the elderly, who may lack the cognitive and physical abilities to solve critical problems, are to blame for Nigeria’s economic and social ills.

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While answering questions from reporters on Wednesday, Chief Essien said that the elderly should not be at the center of government but rather serve as advisors instead.

He said that the government’s lack of accountability, corruption, and mishandling of funds had caused Nigeria’s economy to collapse.

You should be advising from the sidelines, not in the center of governance, because your mental capabilities and physical performance have diminished to a point where you should be 70 years old, he added.

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“It is intolerable, not just unacceptable, that an old person wants to continue leading after 70 years old in this computer age when younger people prevail.

Governments headed by the elderly continue to cause issues, and I maintain my position that those above the age of 70 should not be expected to desire to lead actively and effectively.

“The older members should serve as advisors, and the younger, more energetic members should be given the opportunity to take charge.”

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Additionally, he stated that leaders should not be expected to demonstrate much enthusiasm when their political stances are seen as compensating.

An energized and refocused PDP leadership is ready to take on the ruling party, according to Chief Essien’s call to the party’s top brass.

“Given the diversity in this country’s population, the recent turn of events practically puts us into a one-party system situation,” he remarked.

Additionally, he warned the party not to let its guard down since a defeated party may potentially step in and seize power.

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It was on the verge of happening in the most recent election in 2023, when a mysterious third party nearly seized power.

“The third force is attracting members who were previously dissatisfied with either the ruling party or the failed opposition party, and this could be problematic for those two parties,” he continued.

The head of the Eket Senatorial District also begged the people of Akwa Ibom to give Governor Umo Eno a break and let him focus on fulfilling his mandate to the people instead of planning for a second term in office.

According to him, a second term is contingent upon performance.

In my opinion, the accomplishments of the first four years of office should be sufficient to warrant an additional four years of service.

You can’t just sit on eight years if you’ve been unsuccessful for four. The campaign for Umo Eno’s second term is starting a bit too soon. “People should just let him focus and get things done,” he said.

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