Nollywood producers listen up: Yul Edochie has a message: stop portraying Nigerians in a negative light

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Actor Yul Edochie of Nigerian Hollywood fame has called on national filmmakers to stop depicting Nigerians as uncivilized and clownish when they travel outside of the country.

He brought up the fact that these kinds of plot points are bringing shame on the nation in the movies.

A better story, he said, would be one in which Nigerians go overseas, find “traditional solutions to problems,” and rise to leadership positions.

I wish our producers would quit making movies where Nigerians travel abroad, dey mumu,” Edochie posted on Instagram. Such plot points are a disservice to ourselves.

In Oyibo culture, it is unheard of for a white guy to act foolishly when on African land. The white man will end up being more intelligent than any of the African characters in the film.

“It’s deliberate. They market themselves as superheroes in their films, while we denigrate ourselves in ours.

A Nigerian goes abroad and becomes the center of attention for the Oyibo people; let’s make that movie.

He or she carries herself with an air of self-respect and dignity at all times. Nigerian clothing is a must-have. It also enlightens the Oyibo people about our rich culture in ways they were previously unaware. Takes the lead in providing more conventional answers to issues.

“Let’s put our superhero hats on too.”

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