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A Win-Win Partnership Between Spain and the Food Tourism Industry – NIHOTOUR

The National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) had three goals when it planned the Gastronomy Fair:

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first, to help Nigerian chefs learn more about food tourism and gastronomy; second, to solve the shortage of trained chefs in Nigeria; and third, to promote the sharing of international best practices in the culinary arts between Nigerian and international chefs.

The end goal is to promote Nigeria as a place where people may enjoy delicious cuisine.

One of the agency’s attempts to promote food tourism in Nigeria is the Gastronomy Fair relationship with the Spanish Embassy Nigeria. This partnership has seen the return of Madrid’s greatest chef, Alex Marugan, for seminars on Spanish cuisines and worldwide culinary practices in 2023 and 2024.

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It appears that both parties are benefiting from the partnership thus far.

First, the masterclass has expanded from Abuja in 2023 to include chef training in Lagos this year, all thanks to the cooperation. Second, local cooks are starting to see the light about how important it is to present food well in order to boost food tourism.

Actually, it’s introducing them to the idea of making food without using any artificial flavors or additives. Lastly, there is an opening for future cooperation between the two nations in the tourist industry.

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What interests me most about their food presentation options is the catch. One thing that sets our Nigerian cooks apart from their international colleagues is the way they showcase their food. While our dishes are definitely one-of-a-kind, the presentation is frequently lacking in comparison to the world-class cuisine served at five-star hotels. The eyes come first when eating.

Joesef Karim, a public relations officer with NIHOTOUR, warned that international visitors might not be interested in trying the local cuisine if they didn’t think it was attractively presented.

He elaborated on the agency’s hope that the 36 participating local cooks would share what they’ve learned from the workshop with their colleagues and students.

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