Press Freedom Day: Governor of Kogi Expresses Highest Regard for Media Professionals

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The governor of Kogi State, Ahmed Usman Ododo, has paid tribute to the journalists and media workers who have worked so hard to expand democratic freedoms.

On May, the Special Adviser on Media to the Governor, Ismaila Isah, released a statement in which Governor Ododo lauded the press for its responsibility in ensuring that the people reaped the benefits of democracy by keeping the government to account.

As the governor of Kogi State pointed out, we need a free and independent press for our democracy, and the 2024 celebration of World Press Freedom Day is a good reminder of that.

Governor Ododo made a point of acknowledging the vital role of journalists and a robust press in exposing government programs and policies to the public and holding powerful individuals responsible.

The Governor understood that the press’s independence is critical to a functioning democracy and that people should do all in their power to defend and advance this right.

According to him, journalists put themselves in danger every day to enlighten the public, and the government should make sure they can perform their jobs without facing threats, harassment, or physical violence.

As we celebrate World Press Freedom Day, I want to pay tribute to the courageous people who have devoted their lives to exposing injustice, bringing people together, and protecting the right to free and fair press.

From violent threats and misinformation to censorship, I am cognizant of the difficulties people face in the modern world.

I am reiterating my pledge as governor to safeguard journalistic freedom while also fostering an environment of openness and responsibility in our state. Let us unite in protecting press freedom and the brave journalists who provide us the unfiltered truth,” Governor Ododo stressed.

Defending the truth and combating bad narratives is crucial for the nation’s democracy to thrive, and the Governor asked the people of the state to appreciate this critical job of journalists.

In spite of the actions of those who spread false information about the progress his administration has made toward development, the governor urged the people of Kogi State to remain together in their pursuit of truth.

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