The Gombe water shortage will be lifted on Saturday according to the commissioner

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The water supply interruption that has been affecting residents of Gombe State will be lifted by Saturday, according to Mohammed Saidu Fawu, the state’s commissioner for water resources.

According to LEADERSHIP, the state is experiencing a severe water crisis, which has driven up the prices of water for people.

As a result, the less fortunate have been forced to resort to using dirty water sources, adding to their already heavy burden.

Yet, some generous individuals stepped in by sending water trucks to certain locations, forcing a huge crowd to wait in line and fight for a part of the donated water.

But in a phone interview with LEADERSHIP on Friday, the Commissioner said that the present water crisis is the result of the collapse of 31 power poles linking the state’s water supply, Dadin Kowa Dam, to the national grid.

He said that the administration was handling the situation well and had repaired the downed poles, and that the water supply would be back up and running by Saturday night.

He pleaded with the people of the state, explaining that the water pipelines that run from the dam to the capital city are fifty kilometers long and must be filled in order to supply the state with water.

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