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Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti has asserted that the practice of daily bathing was first practiced by Africans and then spread to Europe

Queen Elizabeth I would bathe once a month to encourage her subjects to bathe, according to Kuti, who spoke on the most recent episode of the Skype podcast “Fresh Off The Boat,” claiming that the tradition of bathing daily was introduced to Europe by Africans.

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The earliest bathhouses, he claimed, were in Africa. It is unfortunate that many Africans are unaware that we instructed the Europeans to bathe daily.

In an effort to set a good example for her subjects, Queen Elizabeth I—Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother—began bathing once a month.

The fact that Africans are ignorant of the fact that their forefathers originated the concept of a spa is a tragedy. The British learned how to bathe from Africans. Regular bathing was not their habit. Learn about their past.

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