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Christopher Nolan the Oscar-Winning Director Reveals His Next Project

At the 96th Academy Awards, director Christopher Nolan—whose debut film, Oppenheimer, won seven prizes, including Best Picture and Best Actor—teased his upcoming movie.

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Nolan is currently in the midst of planning his next project, which is in an exploratory phase with endless potential, according to his wife and lifelong colleague Emma Thomas.

At this point in time, there is a sense of boundless potential. We haven’t even begun to consider the mundane yet. Oppenheimer had such phenomenal achievement that we believe we have a chance.

Even though Nolan expressed his openness to anything in a 2017 interview with Variety, he is still certain that his next project, whether it’s a screenplay or a directorial effort, will have to be personally overseen.

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“Any place might be a source of an idea. I’ve written original screenplays, adapted comic books and novels, and even done a remake.

It’s all good with me. In my capacity as writer and director, nevertheless, I must always feel as though I have triumphed triumphantly.

I can’t let it be plagiarized; the inspiration may originate from somewhere else, but the final product must be my own creation.

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Nolan’s Oppenheimer made $953.8 million at the box office and netted him a $100 million bonus. The British government has decided to honour him and his wife with knighthoods and damehoods for their work in the film industry.

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