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Allegations that Sabinus’s wife was ‘beaten’ by the skit maker are unfounded

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, also known as Sabinus, is a famous comedian. His wife, Ciana Chapman, has denied claims that he abused her.

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The comedy creator is allegedly violent toward his wife, according to a blogger.

As a response, Ciana asked the blogger to desist from publishing unfounded allegations regarding her and her family.

Even though she was in the UK at the moment, she couldn’t help but wonder how her Nigerian husband would beat her.
She posted the following message on her Instagram story: “Cutie Juls, please stop using my family’s name and mine on your feed and in your comments.

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“I don’t understand how my husband can be in Nigeria and yet hit me in the UK.”

According to divinejams, Ciana and Sabinus just became parents for the first time.

In early 2023, the happy couple exchanged wedding vows in a small, intimate ceremony.

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