Beef” puts Nigerian Afrobeats at risk as artists intensify their competition

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“Afrobeats artists from all walks of life in Nigeria have been known to taunt one another recently, causing a ruckus in the country’s music business.

The long-brewing beefs peaked just as the notorious rap quarrel between Drake and Kendrick Lamar was gaining steam across the Atlantic.

The Nigerian music business is currently facing a number of well-publicized beefs, which Divinejams examines.

Wizkid takes on Davido

Despite both singers’ status as emerging stars in Nigeria’s music industry, Wizkid and Davido’s relationship has been rocky since 2011.

Their dispute has been going strong for almost a decade, but they’ve never said what started it.

Despite reconciliatory attempts that have brought the two groups closer together, the cult-like fanbases of “Wizkid FC” and “30BG” have always been estranged, particularly online.

The most recent development in their feud began when fans believed they were finally putting an end to their long-running rivalry, particularly after Wizkid announced he and Davido will be touring together following their respective “More Love, Less Ego” tours.

On the evening of April 29, however, all optimism was shattered when they rekindled their long-running rivalry with a heated online debate.

A video that had emerged online showed a man claiming to be Davido groveling before a lady, sobbing and pleading for her attention. Wizkid had previously shared the footage.

The boss of Starboy tweeted the video, seemingly hinting that his fans should want a new song from him that matches the intensity of the one in the video—Davido, it seems.

A number of people took offense to the tweet, including members of the 30 Billion gang, Wizkid FC, and Davido, who addressed the situation later that night.

Davido used his comeback to mock Wizkid, saying that his career had died and then died again. He took great pleasure in boasting that he had brought chaos to Wizkid and others in the music industry ever since he joined it.

I was under the same impression. The ‘OBO’ singer had nothing to say, which is why he stopped squandering his influence and risking his millions of dollars in endorsement deals with someone whose career had been revived a few years previously, just to die again.

When asked about Davido, Wizkid stated that the DMW boss would never be able to compete with him, even if he were to withdraw from music today.

I have something important to tell you, my boy,” he declared. You will never be able to compete with me, even if I resign today. You can work as a songwriter’s influencer. Good luck to you.

Wizkid re-posted the contentious leaked video the day after, and Davido threw shade at him on X and Instagram for days, continuing the social media conflict.

Kid Cudi vs. Tekno

The feud between Tekno and Kizz Daniel occurred at the same time that Davido and Wizkid were engaged in their social media fight.

While denying an allegation that he got royalties worth N1 billion from their collaboration song ‘Buga,’ Kizz Daniel uncovered a tweet from April 29 in which Tekno implied that the Fly Boi boss’s wealth is inferior to his own.

Kizz Daniel accused Tekno of being ungrateful when the singer claimed that the song “rescued” Tekno’s impending career.

“They bring up money, you know…,” he remarked. exhaling in a foul manner. Take a look at the ekuke that Buga saved. “Oh no, my dear.”

Kizz Daniel was told by Tekno not to provoke him or else he would experience his anger in his reaction.

It seems like you’re currently popular, huh? Be cautious, o, because the wind blows nasty ny*sh while open. I refuse to be used as a pawn until I Kattywilliams your puss. The ‘Pana’ singer called herself an insecure narcissist.

Both artists eventually stopped following one another on Twitter.

Conflict between Adekunle Gold and Samklef

Samklef, who is now a blogger, recently called out his wife Simi for being “ungrateful,” which led to a rift between singer Adekunle Gold and the producer.

Samklef, who had stated openly that he had affections for Simi while they were both struggling artists, threatened that he would never “fully” forgive her until she publicly apologized for dragging him.

“I will forgive her in full if she publicly apologizes for setting me up for dragging,” he declared. But I’m prepared to remind her of her true identity for the next seven billion years if she refuses.

As a response, Adekunle Gold informed Samklef in no uncertain terms that his wife owed him nothing.

When will your seventh heaven finally make sense to you? Why? Because it’s obvious that you’re completely distracted with your own thoughts. Simi has no obligation to you, and you should stop shaming her every three days at the market. You should be paid what I’m owed! “Act your age and stop being a complete moron!” Gold snarked.

“My dear Adekunle, I married your wife Simi,” Samklef shot back.

Yes, Adekunle, your wife Simi ought to publicly apologize to Samklef for framing me as a criminal. Do you see me?

By the way, Simi’s music career has failed miserably on multiple occasions. I say “o” to myself!

“Why would you bother to look for me or contact me for no reason other than to reminisce about the past?”You want to make me shine with this fleeting renown, little by little. Pretend that my wife has no debt to me. Are you asking for money? I’m begging you, Abi. What would you think of this little boy?”

Simi, meantime, has spoken out against Brymo and the flirty remarks made about her by producer-turned-blogger Samklef.

You may remember that last year, Brymo caused quite a stir when he confessed to having sex with Simi, who was single at the time, in order to record music with her.

According to him, she turned down his request, and he turned down her offer of collaboration as well.

Simi recently told Angela Yee that she couldn’t take Brymo and Samklef seriously when they stated things about her.

Their language baffles the mother of one, who calls their actions “comedy.”

“I am confused by the arguments put forth by Brymo and Samklef,” she declared. The strangest part is that these are two separate individuals; I have no idea why they can’t stop referring to me in such a negative light. There is absolutely nothing discernible in what they are saying. I’m nonetheless perplexed.

Danja vs. Wizkid

Don Jazzy, boss of Mavin Records, was not immune to Wizkid’s recent social media assault.

Following Ladipoe’s mockery of Grammy-winning singer Don Jazzy’s statement that “hip hop is dead,” Wizkid took aim at the signee.

Observing Afrobeat artists go through their struggles, Ladipoe stated on his X handle, “Nigerian rappers that survived ‘hip hop is dead.'”

“Lol, never chatting with anyone signed to an influencer,” Wizkid responded after a fan pointed out the post. After that.

Additionally, he appears to have mentioned Don Jazzy as an influencer in two tweets that he retweeted.

Don Jazzy decided to unfollow Wizkid on Instagram after being upset by his comment.

A diverse range of Nigerian celebrities, including Mr. Macaroni and Nasboi, who make skits, and Doyin and Tacha, who are reality stars, reacted to Wizkid’s covert jab at Don Jazzy.

Responding through his X handle, Mr. Macaroni adamantly stated that, although Don Jazzy’s influence extends to music, contents, films, and brands, Wizkid’s use of the term “an influencer” in reference to him was prejudicial to “everything he has done and is still doing for the Nigerian Music Industry.”

Don Jazzy, he said, is a “absolute legend” since he is generous and has helped other musicians in the nation, regardless of their fame or fortune.

Similarly, Nasboi, a musician and content creator, blasted Wizkid for supposedly shady business with Don Jazzy.

Wizkid should not have spoken to Don Jazzy in such a manner. “Wizkid used to respect Don Jazzy,” he said on the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, which is co-hosted by actress Moet Abebe and reality personality Tolanibaj.

While appearing on Cool FM’s Big Friday Show With Tacha, Nasboi disclosed that he has been the target of death threats because to his criticism of Wizkid’s shading of Don Jazzy. However, he remained steadfast in his original position, stating that the Starboy boss was incorrect to shade the Mavin boss.

To restate, he felt that the setting was inappropriate when Wizkid referred to Don Jazzy as an influencer.

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