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Chinese Film Festival Has Been Announced by StarTimes and the Chinese Embassy

The 2024 Chinese Film Festival, organized by StarTimes Nigeria and the Chinese Embassy, will take place in Abuja from May 25th to the 31st.

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Featuring some of the highest-grossing Chinese films of 2024, such as Jue Ji, Speedy Life 2, and YOLO (You Only Live Once), the festival aimed to promote diversity and harmony while also providing Nigerians with an opportunity to learn more about China and its people.

The relevance of the festival in promoting cultural interchange was emphasized by StarTimes CEO Mr. Joshua Wang, who expressed his enthusiasm for the event.

The longstanding connection between China and Nigeria is being honored at the festival. It shows how much we value cultural diversity and how much we adore storytelling.

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To the Nigerian public, we have brought a plethora of Chinese films, TV shows, and dramas. Dubbing Chinese content into Hausa and Yoruba has also been done to make it easier to grasp.

Wang reminded everyone that the StarTimes mobile app allowed them to watch festival films while they were on the go.

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