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Unpaid Prizes: Phyna Slams BBNaija Organizers Once Again

The reality TV show’s organizers have been criticized by Josephine Otabor, winner of the 2022 Big Brother Naija (BBN), ‘Level Up’ season, for not fulfilling their promise to award her over N100 million.

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The reality TV actress informed the audience through her Instagram Live that MultiChoice Nigeria was unable to award her the promised prize.

While she is having a nervous breakdown over the matter, Phyna demanded the return of her prize money and other financial awards so that she can move on with her life.

She demanded that everyone pay up immediately. Faster still, send me the Bitcoin, na. Just hand it to me right away. Give me the Bitcoins as soon as you’ve given me everything else. Quidax doesn’t concern me in the least. Quidax is someone I’m unfamiliar with. The contract with Quidax was not signed by me.

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Until I got on the show, I had no idea Quidax was a sponsor. I was unaware of their existence. “I didn’t sign a contract with them,” Phyna remarked, her voice marred by tears.

“The people I have a contract with are MultiChoice. So, pay me the money and then I will confront Quidax and collect it,” she concluded. Alternatively, you might get the cash from Quidax and hand it over to me. I don’t understand.

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