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Discover 10 countries that welcome foreign students and their dependents

The importance of having loved ones nearby while studying has been acknowledged by some countries with prestigious institutions. They came up with ways, like the Dependent Visa, that let international students bring their families in.

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When it comes to nations that have dependency potential, the UK was once in the front. The British government, however, stated on its official website on January 2, 2024, that international students would no longer be able to bring dependents into the nation in an effort to reduce the migration rate.

The following ten nations still permit dependents: North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Oceania, Japan, China, Denmark, and Finland.


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Canada is a popular choice among students who want to stay close to family while studying, despite the high cost.

Because of the country’s welcoming immigration policies, students can more easily bring their families with them.

International students’ dependents can work full-time in Canada through a dependant visa scheme, provided they meet specific requirements.

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When applying for a Canadian visa, you’ll need to gather a number of documents to prove your relationship, acceptance, finances, language skills, health, and police clearance. Here is a link to further information about Canada dependent visas: https://ircc.canada.ca.

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