Energy price increase: Union offers ultimatum of 7 days

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A letter of protest has been sent to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) by the organized labor, which is comprised of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

Comrades Joe Ajaero (NLC president) and Festus Osifo (TUC president) sent a letter to the secretary of the federal government (SGF), the federal ministers of labor and employment (FMM) and power (FMM), and the all electric distribution companies (DISCOs) threatening mass action unless NERC reverses the price increase by May 12, 2024.

Unions are demanding a change of NERC’s policies because to the dire situation that the policies will force the general public into.

We hold the belief that this judgment is both morally repugnant and a flagrant violation of basic principles and statutory requirements, especially in light of the current challenges that Nigerians are encountering.

“The immoral treatment of the working class and the general public is intolerable, and we will not sit on our hands while it happens.”

In a similar vein, the two heads of state emphasized the need of the Commission fully understanding the gravity of its role as the electricity sector regulator.

The fact that NERC has quietly helped create the repressive pricing system that affects Nigerian workers and citizens irritates us. The establishment of the Commission was enacted by statute with the express purpose of establishing it as an impartial arbiter within the power sector.

“Sadly, it’s the other way around; it’s been working hand in hand with the DISCOs and GENCOs to promote their evil market practices.”

They said that the planned fee increase violates the rights of Nigerian citizens and goes against the established procedure required by law.

If the two unions’ demands are not met by Sunday, May 12, 2024, they threatened to take immediate and forceful action.

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