Obudu Mountain race winners seek monetary rewards ten years after

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The beneficiaries of the monetary awards declared by former Governor Liyel Imoke have now petitioned Governor Bassey Otu to step in and distribute the funds to them; the most recent Obudu International Mountain race took place in November 2014.

Their representative, Sylvester Ikpi, made the case in Calabar by arguing that governments exist on a continuum and that subsequent administrations would inevitably be held responsible for the debts and mistakes of their predecessors.

Last Monday, Abubakar Ewa, Cross River State’s commissioner for culture and tourism, stated that the Obudu Mountain race will be revived by the Otu government.

According to what Ewa indicated, the government of Otu does not have the records necessary to give out prizes.

Every single loan has been paid off as of this present moment. Regarding the Obudu Mountain Resort, I would not dare claim that we owe anybody anything. As far as we are aware, we are not owed anything by any athlete who may have competed in the race.

“The East Africans will no longer dominate or cart away the top prizes,” he stated, describing the impending scenario.

The 2014 winners’ representative, Sylvester Ikpi—who took home $2,000 for first place in the Media Race—called the comment hostile.

We are formally requesting that the administration of Senator Liyel Imoke pay us the reward money that they announced.

We are aware that Senator Bassey Otu’s administration prioritizes the welfare of its citizens. After being hopeful and patient for ten years, we think they will see our predicament,” he implored.

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