The reason I sobbed when ID Cabasa’s Olamide quit my record label

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Veteran music executive and producer Olumide Ogunade (aka ID Cabasa) has spoken about the departure of his former signee, Olamide, from Coded Tunes.

While appearing on the “Afrobeats Podcast,” Cabasa reminisced about how he wept over Olamide’s departure.

He said he pleaded with Olamide to stay, but when the latter was adamant about leaving, he granted his approval.

“When I met Olamide, he was thirteen years old,” he remarked. He and a friend of his dropped by my studio because the friend wanted to put him on a song. He had a friend who was terrible at music.

Olamide kept to himself. Everything changed once he did 16 bars to a beat I provided him. Olamide grew closer to me, almost like a son.

We had a sit-down to talk about it when he was going to quit my record label. To put it simply, it hurt. Seeing someone you care about go was more painful than wanting him to advance. Weeping broke my heart.

My words were, “Olamide, you ought to have waited o!” He spoke up, saying, “Hey, I have some ideas, and I’m worried that we won’t be able to implement them all according to your code.” We remained amicable. I bestowed my complete approval upon him.

After Olamide’s departure from Coded Tunes in 2012, he established YBNL Nation as his record label.

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