Gary Neville thinks it’s crazy that Chelsea would fire Pochettino

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It would be “madness” for Chelsea to dismiss Mauricio Pochettino as head coach, according to Gary Neville, a former Manchester United defender.

The Blues’ 2-0 Premier League victory over Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday night prompted Neville to make an appearance on Sky Sports.

With four games remaining, Pochettino’s team moved up to ninth position thanks to the result.

Even if Chelsea had a lackluster season, they still have a shot at making the playoffs the following year.

Neville mentioned that about a month ago, there was chatter about Pochettino being pressured.

Changing the coach, whose work with these players is well-known for its quality, would be insane, in my opinion.

The notion that someone else could step in and perform a better job is less important than ensuring stability through another transfer window.

This season, Pochettino has experienced both highs and lows. Except for this one, it’s great..”

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