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National Tech Brand Aims Targeting Halilu-led NASENI—Tinubu

It gives me great pleasure to preside over today’s commissioning ceremony for this federation capital territory-based multi-use CNG reverse engineering, training, filling, and conversion facility.

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My administration’s goal has always been to “promote domestic manufacturing and lessen import dependency,” which I emphasized when I took office as president one year ago.

I took this oath knowing full well that our nation may one day dominate manufacturing on a continental and international scale.

We are well-equipped in terms of talent, knowledge, and potential customers.

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The world’s largest single-train crude oil refinery is located in our nation today, and this is only the tip of the iceberg; it’s a glimpse of what we can do if we put our minds to it. And our resolve is unwavering!

When I think of the lofty goal of Nigerian industrialization, one organization that comes to me is NASENI, the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure.

That is why, last year, it was among the first federal agencies to have a new management team announced.

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I designated Khalil Halilu, the young man with the beard, as the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to lead our agency-wide reform initiative. The outcomes thus far have exceeded my expectations, I must admit.

In my opinion, Nigeria’s industrialization can only be successful if NASENI is properly implemented. It is the responsibility of this federal body to spearhead the Nigerian government’s initiatives in the fields of research, engineering, and industry.

This historic initiative is in perfect harmony with our administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda, and it is with great pleasure that I am here today in my dual roles as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Chairman of the Governing Board of NASENI to see it through to completion.

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