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The Heirs of Maradona Have Lost Their Legal Fight Over the Trophy

According to their lawyer, Diego Maradona’s heirs are opposed to the planned auction of the trophy he received after the 1986 World Cup, but a French judge has determined that the auction can go as scheduled. This was reported by The Associated Press on Thursday.

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An urgent judicial procedure was initiated by Maradona’s heirs in an effort to halt the auction of the Golden Ball trophy, which he got as the best player of the 1986 World Cup.

In an interview with The Associated Press, lawyer Gilles Moreu said that the verdict “was not favorable to the heirs of Diego Maradona.” The Aguttes auction house is scheduled to hold an auction in Paris next Thursday for the trophy.

Decades passed after the Golden Ball vanished under mysterious circumstances; it reappeared until lately. Maradona’s descendants have asserted that the present owner does not have the legal right to sell the trophy, claiming that it was stolen.

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According to Aguttes, the trophy made a triumphant return in 2016 at an auction in Paris alongside other items purchased from a private collection.

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